Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Hello, my name is Jodi and I, too, am a craftaholic. 1. I would rather buy a paper punch than see my kids go to college. 2. I would rather color with markers than make dinner. 3. I am still trying to figure out a use for pet hair in my crafts so that housework doesn’t seem so dreary. 4. I never throw away anything….I might find a crafty use for it. 5. My children don’t wear hand-me-downs, they wear hand-stamped- by-me-downs. 6. I have informed the fire department that if the fire starts in my basement, to not bother coming because there is more paper and accelerants down there than they can imagine and I don’t want them to get hurt because there wouldn’t be anything left to make them a card with. 7. I have been known to pack extra empty bags when going to stamp conventions. 8. I know my UPS, Fed Ex and mail carrier by name. 9. My blood pressure skyrockets when any box arrives with craft supplies in it and of course that is what makes a day good. 10. I swoon at craft stores. 11. I wear Depends when I watch online Live scrapping shows because I get so tickled by new techniques. 12. My next door neighbor suggested I buy the house next door for a “craft room” 13. My husband knows that when I disappear into the craft room I do not plan to eat or sleep for at least 24 hours. 14. I own more pairs of scissors than my family has hands. 15. I wear glitter on my face often and sometimes there are stray pieces of tape on the back of my pants. 16. I have ink stained fingers and at age 50 I am still investing in baby wipes. 17 I could stamp and scrap from now until I die and never need to buy another piece of paper, ink, tape or embellishment, BUT I WILL because yes, I am a craftaholic

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